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Throwback Thursday

Pictures during a presentation that I took in the year 2009 for a couple of SharePoint projects at Allianz, Trivandrum.



Interesting times 🙂


Did you solve the Rubik’s cube doodle

Google is celebrating the birthday of ErnĹ‘ Rubik, the inventor of the great puzzle Rubik’s Cube. Just type in your browser and click on the doodle to start rearranging it.

I’m a great fan of the cube personally and I wanted to know what the doodle does when its solved and here it is 🙂



A digital signature from Larry Page and Erno Rubik !! Pretty cool eh 🙂

Go ahead and try solving it guys.


The next Google Reader might be Feedly


As you all know Google is pulling the plug on its Google Reader component from July 1, 2012 and there already quite a handful of alternatives floating around. Running far ahead as per User count is There are many others who are trying desperate hard to be there, but I guess none of them are worth the move. I am not getting biased, so I will explain why Feedly excels in the features.

Top features

1. The Google reader subscriptions import by single click is simply the most wanted for any competitor. If you need users to shy away, just don’t implement this. 🙂 Some other reader sites have features asking for the existing OPML file from Google Reader or whatever, which is nasty.

2. The Responsive UI is simply cool with lots of Views that can be selected by the user’s choice.

3. They have decent Apps in all the mobile platforms.

4. Searching for a new RSS Feed is easier and organizing your subscriptions are very user friendly.

Even though, these are the great benefits; there are lots of improvements that Feedly has to take care. Or these would be the features that others can concentrate on making some thing better than Feedly.

Remove these problems

1. I was surprised to know that Feedly did not have a web interface, like Google Reader, but it had extensions on Chrome and Firefox. This also shows the growing importance of mobile user focus as Feedly’s user base is mostly from mobile users. The biggest failure of Feedly here would be ultimately no support for IE browser. This should be rectified immediately if they need to stay ahead.

2. The default settings of Feedly are not set to the user experience as that of Google Reader and users should tweak their custom preferences to make it how they had used it earlier. There are lot of options here, but a user who is non-technical will have a tough time finding what he/she wants.

3. Scrolling on the left – This could have been exactly how Google Reader works. Instead, you need to keep the mouse precisely on the Subscription list to scroll them. Why don’t it just scroll the subscription list when the mouse pointer is anywhere on the left side. This is extremely irritating.

4. Google Reader was simply perfect in displaying what Feeds where read and what were left out. Feedly just displays the ones that you have not read. When you mark them as read, it just moves to the next subscribed item on the list. This is absurd. What if I still want to see what’s already read?

The list of improvements can also go endless, but currently they are the front runners. They have scaled up their architecture 1 or 2 times already, after their servers went bogus. These happened during the initial days after Google ‘s announcement of their Reader shutdown. But, I think they still have a lot of scaling up to do. You can notice that loading the RSS feeds are not up to the mark still.

You never know, who all are already building up applications to show up on July 1st, but according to me, whoever has got their basics will succeed in the run. All the best folks.

Skype for Windows 8

Quote from Skype “Skype for Windows 8 is almost here. Microsoft is to introduce a completely new Skype experience, which is designed to be always on, immersive, effortless and fun to use.

The team at Skype has been building on the Windows platform since the first release of Skype. Skype for Windows 8 is simple, fast and beautiful.”

The main features include:

Focused on the people you care about

Always Reachable

Modern design

Skype and the People app

Read the complete post from the official site –

Paste as Plain Text for Rich Text editor in SharePoint

I got an opportunity to figure out how the Paste functionality can be extracted out with all the markups that it normally does for the Rich Text editor. There are basically 2 ways of doing it.

1. The blog of Waldek Mastykarz , which suggests to override the RTE functionality. i.e,


Here, you might face a problem while delaying the script to load after SP.js. I had experiences like the site displaying “loading” notification for the ribbon and it stayed for error, due to the script.

2. I found a much easier solution, which does not need jquery or waiting for SP.js to load.

//Script to strip down the clipboard for Paste functionality.
var preKey = null;
function getKeyDown(evnt)
var oEvnt = evnt? evnt:window.event;
var content = clipboardData.getData("Text");
window.clipboardData.setData("text",content );
preKey = oEvnt.keyCode;
function cleanPreKey()
preKey = null;
document.onkeydown = getKeyDown;
document.onmousedown = getKeyDown;
document.onkeyup = cleanPreKey;

This piece of code put inside a script tag will make sure that all text copied into the clipboard are stripped away with the markups, allowing to have a paste similar to Paste as Plaintext from the Ribbon.