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“No item exists at…” SharePoint Survey Anonymous access error


“No item exists at…  It may have been deleted or renamed by another user”. – This might be an irritating error when you enable Anonymous access to a SharePoint Survey.

This normally happens when you have multiple pages with a page separator in a Survey and when you try to respond using “Anonymous” access.

The Problem

SharePoint Survey initially uses the NewForm.aspx to create the survey. It gets the incremented ID value and goes to EditForm.aspx with the same ID in querystring. Everything goes as planned until now. Once the user goes into the next set of questions in the second page of the survey, the same ID is passed as a query string again and it throws this wierd error. Now, this happens only when you are not logged in.


What could be the reason?

If you check the advanced settings in the same Survey, you can find a setting similar to the image below.

Survey Advanced Settings Item

Reading between the lines, you can see that it is set to “Create responses and edit responses that were created only by the current user” which kind of creates a confusion for anonymous users. Change this option to “Create and edit all responses” and the issue will be resolved. This in effect allows Anonymous users to edit the response it just created. Everything should be fine from now.

Won the best blog in SharePoint Community

Yaay, I just won the best blog for May in SharePoint Community.

Here is the official announcement –

I had blogged about Deploying solutions in SharePoint 2013

I would like to thank the entire SharePoint Community team and Boost solutions for the prize.