Fix Custom Access Denied Page in SharePoint 2013


By now, many of you might have come across the moment to realise that the mapped pages in SharePoint 2013, does not switch to the custom pages that you have created.

The mapped pages are as follows:

  • AccessDenied
  • Confirmation
  • Error
  • Login
  • RequestAccess
  • Signout

Even though you run the commands  UpdateMappedPage method and Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage cmdlet, it would not simply reflect. This was identified as a bug.

The new April CU for SharePoint 2013 seems to be the possible fix. The KB article point clearly mentions this in the issues that the CU fixes.

When you access some SharePoint Server 2013 resource that you do not have the permission for, you receive the OOB access denied page instead of the customer access denied page.

So go ahead and download the Hotfix here. Also find the official release of the CU and all KBs here.


3 thoughts on “Fix Custom Access Denied Page in SharePoint 2013

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  2. Senthilkumaran

    Hi Deepu, Thanks for the update.

    We wanted to check with you that, the April 2014 CU fixed the issue SetSPCustomLayoutPage (custom access denied page)?
    Is there any other configuration or settings need to be done after CU upgrade?
    Since we patched this CU at different environments ensured it was upgraded successful, but we didn’t get any luck in this issue 😦 . Its still taking us to the OOB Access Denied Page not to our Custom Access Denied page, the issue still persist.

    Any help or support is appreciated..

  3. Paul Ewert

    We’ve installed the July 2014 CU (and SP1), but I’m not seeing any change. It’s ignoring the path given by Get-SPCustomLayoutsPage for both AccessDenied and Signout (quite likely other or all page types are affected). Anybody have any better success?


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