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Subfolder images not appearing in Firefox and Chrome for SharePoint picture gallery

Thumbnail View

The SharePoint Picture gallery works perfectly with the Thumbnail view in Internet Explorer. But Firefox, Google chrome or other browsers do not show the thumbnail view as in IE. But there is a cool preview in the side just above the quick launch.

Whoever complained was justified with the fact that SharePoint did not completely support browsers other than IE.

Sub folder images

Then the issue was seen on sub folders, that any image stored in sub folders of a picture gallery was not rendered properly in browsers other than IE. Wooah.. That was strange.


Other browsers were not able to detect the folder path perfectly as in IE. Analyzing the root cause, I found that some columns were creating problems for other browsers in the URL.


Create another view and select the column “Type”, “Name” and “Thumbnail”. The “Type” column is clickable and you will find all the necessary images when drilled down. The “Type” column luckily treats SharePoint URLs correctly.